A guide to the Russian Federation Air Force museum at Monino

TitleA Guide to the Russian Federation Air Force Museum at Monino

AuthorsB. Korolkov V. Kazashvili


Located near Moscow at Monino, is the current Russian Federation Air Force Museum.

Developed as an important aviation museum to honour Russian aviation achievements and progress, it has a diverse range of historical aircraft and helicopters – many  of which are rare prototypes or test machines. These alone make the museum a unique attraction for visitors. Covering from early 1900s through propeller aircraft to  modern era jets and helicopters there is something for everyone to see.

The book reviews each exhibit in detail such as the type general history, service details and specifications. Most of all the exhibits have photos. Being a book translated into english it has some Russian phrases but other wise is well documented insight to the museum.

Examples of aircraft and helicopters covered include: Wright Brothers Airplane, Blerior Aircraft, MiG-3, Il-10m, Tu-4, Tu-104, M-17, Yak-40, Su-7b, Mi-6, KA-26, Yak-24, Yak-11,  L-29 “Dolphin”.


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ISBN13: 9780764300769 

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Pages: 176 pages

Binding: hard cover

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