A Luftwaffe Bomber Pilot Remembers: World War II from the Cockpit

TitleA Luftwaffe Bomber Pilot Remembers: World War II from the Cockpit

Author – Klaus Häberlen


An intriguing read covering the varied career of a dedicated and competent Luftwaffe bomber pilot. His experiences brings some interesting twists and turns as he endures WW2.

Klaus writes of his earliest childhood memories as a child growing up in pre war Nazi Germany. He details how the country changed and the population turned to nationalist beliefs.

He eventually joined the Luftwaffe after several years in  youth groups and army units. His role in the Luftwaffe took him from flight training through to operational units, where he ended up as a pilot flying a variety of bomber aircraft ranging across Europe bombing military targets and towns. Along the way he lost friends and fellow Luftwaffe personnel he knew. During his career he was wounded and return to service.

Klaus retells his day of shock when he was demoted in front of his squadron by Herman Goering due to not utilising the squadron with newly equippd ME-410 twin-engined bomber destroyer to achieve desired results. This was despite Klaus and others knowing that technical limitations were the reason.

Klaus was sent to Italy for administration work as the war wound down. Finally he retreated back to Germany and spent the last few days in desperation to escape the advancing Russians. Instead he was captured by the US Army and became a POW and before eventually escaping and resettling into post war life as a sales person.

The book allows the reader to see the other side of the war from a middle level military perspective with the horrors of war intermixed with desperation to survive along with finding love.


Book detail

ISBN13: 9780764313936

Size: 6″ x 9″

168 pages, including many black and white photos.

Binding: hard cover

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