Aircraft of the Luftwaffe Fighter Aces Vol. 2

Title – Aircraft of the Luftwaffe Fighter Aces Vol. 2

Author – Bernd Barbas


In “Aircraft of the Luftwaffe Fighter Aces Vol. 2”, Bernd Barbas has again managed to showcase many previously unpublished photos of high scoring Luftwaffe fighter Aces.

Photos in the book show a high degree of detail along with illustrating a large number of various camouflage schemes. A list of Luftwaffe fighter pilots and their total kills in air to air combat is included, along with their end of service rank and any awards they  received.

Set out in unit by unit format, with some unit history and minimal photo text, this photo book is excellent reference material for Luftwaffe enthusiasts seeking to gain further understanding and detail on how the Aces marked their aircraft with kills.The volume also examines the Aces aircraft which they flew in combat or training operations. There are many helpful notes on the various paint schemes used along with several artworks commissioned for the book.


Volume II covers the Luftwaffe units of JG 53 Pik-As, JG 54 Grünherz, JG 77 Herz-As, JG 300, JG 301, JG 302 Wilde Sau, and JG 400.. Aircraft covered include BF-109s, FW-190s, ME-262, ME-163 and more.

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ISBN13: 9780887407529

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Pages: 208 pages

Binding: hard cover

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