AUSFLY 2013 – Narromine

The week of September 12-15 2013, saw the thrilling buzz of turbines, the whine of jets, the throbbing beat of radials and piston engines combined with the smell avgas all help mark the 2nd coming together of aviation enthusiasts and organisations from across Australia at the Ausfly 2013, held at rural airport of Narromine 40km west of Dubbo, NSW, Australia.

This aviation event, a idea devised by the SAAA, AOPA and AWAL organisations to bring together Airservices Australia, Recreational Pilots Association, Gliding Federation of Australia, Aerobatic Association of Australia, Australian Parachute Federation, MAA, CASA and others to present an event that promotes all aspects of Australian aviation. At this year’s event which had any extra day added, it was noticed that more people, more aircraft, more sponsors and more stall holders were present showing an increasing interest in all things aviation. An expanded public viewing area also enabled closer viewing of the airshow aircraft action by the public. Narromine’s Ausfly event is becoming the Australian version of the well known Oshkosh US event and it seems will continue to pick up as it develops over the years. The large scale event would not have been possible without sponsors such as Narromine Shire Council, Virign Australia, QBE, Bose, Complete Avionics, Global Aviation– Sling Aircraft, Aero Refuellers and Aviation Trader helped to make it all happen. Expert airshow commentary was again provided by the team from Plane Crazy Down Under. Local volunteers from Narromine and the region assisted with traffic control and general assistance. Exhibitors included Anderson Aviation Australia, Aerosport Australia, Puddle 2 Pond Financial, Atlas Aviation Australia, Jabiru aircraft and engines, Garmin, Light Aero Australia and Skythrills. The businesses used Ausfly to help build brand awareness of their products or services. Some of the sponsors and exhibitors came from interstate showing the interest that Narromine’s Ausfly has created. Major aviation agencies and industry organisations were on hand to again offer to the pilots specialised courses, advice and information on how to fly better, safer and on a variety of specialised topic areas. Workshops on topics covering metal aircraft building, composites construction techniques, electrical and avionics. Seminars held included discussions on CASA regularatory changes and the out-n-back video series, engine monitors – why you need one, SAAA maintenance procedures course and how to prepare your C of A. A 2hr flying display was held on both Friday and Saturday afternoon to entertain the aviators and the general public and show what aircraft are made to do. Acts included the Paul Bennet Airshow team,  Matt Hall Racing, the RAAF Roulettes Pilatus PC-9s, Vans RV formation and warbird types such as Avenger, Wirraway and the Russian Roulettes team of Yaks and Nanchangs. Dick Smith attended briefly on Saturday and brought his Cessna 525B Citation business jet to the airfield. A dinner gathering of over 250 people was again held Saturday night to bring together people before most involved either flew or drove home on Sunday. The guest of honour was the recently returned home, solo around world record holder Ryan Campbell who explained his flight and won an award, who i was able to chat with and learn about his experiences.  I also got to meet Dick Smith and chatted with him. Many other awards were given out for the Ausfly event to well deserved winners and some owners even received 2 for their hard work from the judging team.


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