Canberra Airport Open Day – March 2012

The biannual Canberra airport open day event was held on March 25 2012, attracting around 18,000 according to Melissa Evans, Manager, Commercial Marketing of Canberra Airport.

The open day event was designed to showcase the airport to the Canberra region and encourage an interest in aviation, with access to RAAF, domestic airlines such as Brindabella Airlines, QantasLink and Virign Australia, HARS museum and local warbird aircraft based at the airport. The aircraft on show were allowed to be inspected for 4hrs by the public and the crews asked many questions by the public.

A long static line up covering a wide variety of WW2 to modern era from rag and tube to glass cockpits and turbines were seen by the public. Aircraft noted on display included a Qantas Boeing 737, RAAF Lockheed Martin C-130J Hercules from 37 Sqn, HARS DHC Caribou, Lockheed Constellation, Consolidated Catalina, DH Tiger Moth, Douglas C-47, BAE Jetstream J41, Metroliners, Nachang CJ-6, ATR-72 and a DHC-8-400.

Former RAAF F/A-18 Hornet pilot and now a well known aerobatic pilot, Matt Hall was the only scheduled flying event for the Airport open day for the public to view. Matt performed a series of extensive aerobatics at low level over the airport including many sharp turns and rolls.  Also noted during the open day was a RAAF 34 Sqn 737 VIP / BBJ departing the airport.

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