Paul Bennet Airshows – Aerobatic Training Day

2 July 2016 was a nice clear sunny day in the mid of winter and ideal time for an aerobatic training day at Lusktinyre airfield, Hunter Valley NSW hosted by the Paul Bennet Airshows team.

A crowd of around 50 people either flew in or drove in from local areas and as far away as Victoria and Queensland for this event. As a result, the airfield’s Aviators Club attracted a good crowd for drinks, social chat and food.


The Paul Bennet Airshows team – Paul, Rachael, Glenn, Glenn, Chris, Tim and a cast of others from the around airfield were on hand to help make the day work as intended. A warm lunch and social gathering also made the day relaxing for many.

With the focus on judging and improving aerobatics, Paul, Glenn, Glenn and the team, offered all the aerobatic pilots supportive feedback across a range of aerobatic flights they flew during the day. A training box – 1km long by 1km wide was given to each pilot to perform in.


The aerobatic training feedback was provided by either Paul, Glenn or Glenn watching from below and matching what they saw with the planned display routine submitted for the flight.Some flights had an experienced pilot such as Paul onboard providing aerobatic feedback.

At the end of each flying display, the aerobatic pilot would receive information on how they went and suggestions on how could improve their future aerobatic displays.Local air traffic control oversight was provided by Chris on the ground making sure no other traffic entered into the airspace or training box.



Aircraft spotted at Luskingtyre during the day ranged from small Pitts S1, Cessna 185, Decathalons, Tigermoths up to a WW2 Avenger. Colourful artwork, swirling shapes and mix of different people made it visually interesting for anyone observing and photographing the event.









And the end of the day came sooner than most wanted, with the sun setting beneath the hills, which then formed long shadows triggering chilly air over the airfield. Everyone then left to go home or to the pub for a social meal.