Title – Restoring Museum Aircraft

Author – Robert C. Mikesh


Many aviation museums around the world have volunteers and paid staff who undertake the painstaking and complex work to ensure aviation history and heritage is preserved for future generations.

With this preservation work in mind aviation author, Robert Mikesh, has written what is likely the most outstanding book available for aviation enthusiasts to understand what goes into high quality / high detail restoration of aviation museum aircraft.

Robert Mikesh is a well-known and highly respected former USAF B-57 Canberra pilot and former Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum manager. His book explains the many challenging and time-consuming processes involved in aircraft restoration and ongoing preservation.

The book’s layout allows even a novice to gain an understanding of the intricate process required to preserve an aircraft.The preservation tasks covered by Robert explains the steps from the initial scoping survey of an aircraft to gain an understanding of what work needs to be undertaken.He then expanding into the intensive topics focusing on

  • the aircraft during disassembly,
  • what to look out for when working with wood, fabric and metals materials in the restoration,
  • how to care for engines,
  • understanding tyres and
  • the best way to preserve and restore paint schemes.

Roberts helpful insights then explain how to prepare museum aircraft for public display with information regarding both indoor and outdoor setups.

It is highly recommended for aviation enthusiasts and prospective museum volunteers to purchase this book so they can obtain an in-depth and detailed understanding of the complexity required to enable a high quality and authentic aircraft restoration.


Book detail

ISBN13: 9780764332340

Size: 9″ x 12″ | over 350 color/bw images

Pages: 224

Binding: hard cover

Available direct from Schifferbooks at for $69.99 US plus postage.