Sydney Harbour fly over – Tiger Moth Air Race 2014


I was able to witness the fly over of Sydney during the Sydney leg of the Great Tiger Moth Air Race. The vintage aircraft numbering around 40, flew from Luskintyre airfield near Maitland NSW and across to Newcastle, NSW a coastal city, down the  scenic NSW coast to Sydney Harbour heads, turned into the harbour and proceeded to overfly the Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge at 1030am. They then continued out west and onto Camden Airport. It was a cloudy morning but being a typical Sydney, within a few hours it was cloudless and hot.

The large group of Tiger Moths then left Camden later in the day, tracking north to Hornsby, Gosford, Belmont and back to Luskintyre. Here is a map of the routes the race took –

The vintage Tiger Moth is a legendary aircraft in Australia due to its military and civil history. Many owners have a deep affection for the aircraft type and regularly fly from Luskintyre and other locations around Australia. The first Tiger Moth appeared in Australia during 1936 on the civil register. The Tiger Moth formed part of the RAAF’s pilot training program during WW2 to help teach newly trained up pilots how to fly. Post war the type has grown into many civil uses including agricultural crop dusting and joyflights.

Recent issues in Australia saw Tiger Moths grounded for a while, after a crash sadly claim the life of 2 people. This crash resulted in a CASA directive for owners to fix the lateral tie rods wire rods, which help to hold/support the wing structure. CASA investigations suggested that an old style of rods failed under the stress of aerobatics.

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