Temora Warbirds Downunder Airshow 2013 review

The November 2013 Temora Warbirds Downunder airshow was the 2nd time this event has been held at the Temora Aviation Museum, Temora airport. It has grown  on the popularity of the last major airshow which was held in 2011. This year’s airshow again attracted many different warbird types from around NSW and other states such as Queensland and Victoria. The crowd was reported at 12,000 for the day and they were all keen to see the warbirds put through their paces. The warbirds covered from the 1940s up to the modern era. Some warbird teams flew their trainers types such as Yaks, Nanchangs, Trojans, Winjeels and CT-4s. Some of the trainers types present put on exciting displays such as the RAAF Roulettes, the Trojans formation from Queensland and the warbird Russian Roolettes team. Many people came to see the warbird fighters tho, which were thick on the ramp included famous and well known types  such as the Mustangs, Spitfires, Kittyhawk, Boomerang, Sabre and Meteor, showcasing how diverse the RAAF war history has been. The RAAF brought down a few F/A-18 Hornets and Bae Hawks trainers, which put on fast, agile and thrilling handling displays. HARS brought their Constellation airliner (which is technically a warbird itself) which was a crowd favourite as well as their Caribou and Catalina. The RAN supplied its heritage flight UH-1B Huey helicopter. A formation flight at end of show saw the RAAF F/A-18 Hornet form up with both Spitfires, Mustang, Meteor and Sabre, which thrilled the crowd. The message of the airshow was to show the public the many warbirds that still fly, the need for heritage to be preserved and to most importantly honour the pilots and service personnel of the past. The Temora Aviation Museum has for years being building up a strong reputation with a very interesting and extremely unique collection which attracts much interest world over. Make sure you book early for the next airshow event as the motels in surrounding towns are quickly snapped up.

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