The Great Pacific Air Offensive of World War 2 – Volume 2 – SEVERING THE EMPIRE’S LIFELINE – 1945

The Great Pacific Air Offensive of World War 2 – Volume 2 – SEVERING THE EMPIRE’S LIFELINE – 1945

Title – The Great Pacific Air Offensive of World War 2 – Volume 2 – Severing the Empire’s Lifeline  – 1945

Author – John W. Lambert

During World War 2 the Japanese military operated at vast distances from its homeland, spread out across South West and South East Asia to extreme locations like Papua New Guinea and Burma. These military operations required extensive supply chains to maintain and repair its forces. These supply lines would in time, become vulnerable to interdiction as the Allies advanced across 1942-1944, getting closer and close to the Japanese home islands. By 1945 the sea and air offensive to cut off Japan had intensified as more and more aviation assets were deployed in a range of fighter, bomber and support functions.

Written by John Lambert, Volume 2 in the The Great Pacific Air Offensive of Wolrd War II Series, focuses on the allied air operations during 1945 conducted by the USAAF, US Navy, US Marines and Britsh forces which effectively cut off the Japanese military operations and supply lifeline across South East and South West Asia.


The book has a chapter for each main war area – the Philippines, Indo-China, Burma, Okinawa and finally the last stage of the war – over Japan. Each chapter has a detailed introduction covering the important operations and other wartime aspects that took place in 1945. This overview helps guide the reader to understand what was happening in the many Pacific battle grounds as the allies advanced closer and closer towards Japan.

The book illustrates well the high tempo Allied air offensive operations that were underway in 1945 which ensured that they were able to destroy the Japanese military forces and cut off the critical supply lines across Asia. These actions of cutting back the supply lines eventually brought the war to Japan itself, where the country experienced concentrated air attacks by USAAF B-29 Superfortresses.

John has been able to compile a wide range of good quality and detailed official photos along with personal photos supplied from veterans. The images convey to the reader the brutally harsh and graphic conditions of the Pacific air war, which thousands of people faced on a daily basis.The photos have also been captioned with careful research to provide the reader with insights to what was taking place, where and when.


By the end of the book, the reader comes away with a better understanding that the war in the Pacific during 1945 was horrific and different to the war in Europe. As the Allied forces nudged closer to Japan, the determination of the Japanese military to fight to the end only intensified in scale. The Japanese response saw a large increase in attacks on cargo ship convoys, warships and land targets from Japanese fighters, bombers and lastly the extremely deadly kamikaze attacks, which resulted in many more allied personnel deaths and injuries.

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