Wings Over Illawarra 2016 – GA

After 2years of weather being variable with winds and rain limiting the show, in 2016 the weather gods finally gave us suitable airshow weather – eventually.Both days had cloud and some rain on Saturday which eventually disappeared into clear blue sky and same for Sunday. Organisers Mark and Kerry Bright have remained very committed to the airshow despite the past 2 years, so it was great to see their hard efforts rewarded with a large crowd on both days. The airshow brought together HARS aircraft, local warbirds, general aviation and defence alongside stalls and community groups for a overall fun day out for people.


From the HARS Constellation flying in formation for the first time publicly with RAAF Roulettes, thrilling Paul Bennet Airshow aerobatics, aviation business selling their light aircraft to local GA business using their helicopters doing all day long joyflights, the airshow brought together a wide variety of general aviation for the public to observe, ask questions about and too ride in.

The former active Qantas 747 drew a large queue of eager people to check it out. A welcome spotting was the HARS C-54/DC-4 on public show after many years in the hangar. A very impressive aircraft being worked on.

Without the general aviation sector, many of Australia’s town and cities would be not connected easily for tourism or business. Pilot training plays a big part of the GA industry followed by various sections such as maintenance, charter and specialised services such as firefighting. Australian politicians need to be aware that they need to stop the GA sector from fading away and support it with better policies as too many jobs are at risk.