Wings Over Illawarra 2016 – Warbirds

After 2years of weather being variable with winds and rain limiting the show, in 2016 the weather gods finally gave us suitable airshow weather – eventually.Both days had cloud and some rain on Saturday which eventually disappeared into clear blue sky and same for Sunday. Organisers Mark and Kerry Bright have remained very committed to the airshow despite the past 2 years, so it was great to see their hard efforts rewarded with a large crowd on both days. The airshow brought together HARS aircraft, local warbirds, general aviation and defence alongside stalls and community groups for a overall fun day out for people.


A good selection of warbirds were on show in 2016 covering WW2, Korean War era, Vietnam era – fighters, trainers and bombers. Unfortunately one of the major stars of the show, the Albury based FW-190 was unable to make it so maybe next year.

Wirra crop Texan Spitfire to Spitfire Spit2 RR2 Mustang  WOI IMG_8868 IMG_8866 IMG_8858 IMG_8854 IMG_8852 IMG_8851 IMG_8849 IMG_8848 IMG_8846 IMG_8844 IMG_8839 IMG_8837 IMG_8795 IMG_8789 IMG_8787 IMG_8785 IMG_8783 IMG_8780 IMG_8777 IMG_8773 IMG_8772 IMG_8771 IMG_8766 IMG_8763 IMG_8761 IMG_8758 IMG_8755 IMG_8750 IMG_8747 IMG_8744 IMG_8740 IMG_8733 IMG_8732 IMG_8728 IMG_8724 IMG_8721 IMG_8716 IMG_8714 IMG_8712 IMG_8708 IMG_8706 IMG_8702 IMG_8698 IMG_8696 IMG_8694 IMG_8692 IMG_8689 IMG_8685 IMG_8684 IMG_8682 IMG_8676 IMG_8670 IMG_8668 IMG_8666 IMG_8660 IMG_8652 IMG_8646 IMG_8631 IMG_8626 IMG_8611 IMG_8596 IMG_8594 IMG_8592 IMG_8576 IMG_8564 IMG_8556 IMG_8555 IMG_8553 IMG_8544 IMG_8541 IMG_8539 IMG_8536 IMG_8533 IMG_8527 IMG_8525 IMG_8517 IMG_8516 IMG_8513 IMG_8510


IMG_8505 IMG_8503IMG_8480

IMG_8494 IMG_8493 IMG_8490 IMG_8484 IMG_8479 IMG_8477 IMG_8441 IMG_8421 IMG_8415 IMG_8412 IMG_8407 IMG_8391 IMG_8349 IMG_8347 IMG_8335 IMG_8331 IMG_8327 IMG_8322 IMG_8321 IMG_8319 IMG_8315  IMG_8307 IMG_8305 IMG_8300 IMG_8298 IMG_8284 IMG_8282 IMG_8278 IMG_8270 IMG_8269 IMG_8259 IMG_8230 IMG_8207 IMG_8205 IMG_1763 IMG_1760 IMG_1742 - Copy IMG_1739 IMG_1735 - Copy IMG_1733 IMG_1732 IMG_1729 IMG_1727 IMG_1716 IMG_1711 IMG_1706 IMG_1696 IMG_1694 IMG_1692 - Copy IMG_1682 IMG_1658 IMG_1657 - Copy IMG_1650 IMG_1648 IMG_1644 IMG_1641 IMG_1636 IMG_1630 - Copy IMG_1625 - Copy IMG_1624 IMG_1621 IMG_1613 - Copy IMG_1612 - Copy IMG_1610 - Copy IMG_1602 - Copy IMG_1594 IMG_1555 IMG_1552 IMG_1549 IMG_1519 IMG_1504 IMG_1503 IMG_1501 IMG_1500 IMG_1498 IMG_1496 IMG_1495 IMG_1482 IMG_1473IMG_1459IMG_1391

IMG_1472 IMG_1465 - Copy IMG_8308

IMG_1405 - Copy IMG_1398  IMG_1390 - Copy IMG_1385 - Copy IMG_1384 - Copy IMG_1383 IMG_1382 IMG_1379 IMG_1373 IMG_1372 - Copy IMG_1367 IMG_1359 IMG_1201 IMG_1200 IMG_1194 IMG_1193 IMG_1173 IMG_1146 IMG_1137 IMG_1135 IMG_1098 (2) IMG_1088 (2) IMG_1062 (2) IMG_1047 IMG_1040 (2) IMG_0920 IMG_0917 IMG_1468 IMG_1060 IMG_1220 (2) IMG_1042 (2) IMG_1041 (2) IMG_1027 IMG_0997 IMG_0997 (2) IMG_0985 IMG_0977 IMG_0974 IMG_0971 IMG_0965 (2) IMG_0962 (2) IMG_0961 (2) IMG_0956 IMG_0954 IMG_0953 (2) IMG_0950 IMG_0944 (2) IMG_0942 (2) IMG_0940 IMG_0935 IMG_0933