April 22 2016 – Reevers based in Adelaide is set to acquire a 2nd B-25 bomber – this being a B-25C/D Mitchell WW2 bomber sometime in 2016/2017 according to a press release announced today. Reevers acquired their first – a B-25J Mitchell –  in 2015 from the USA, as part of plans to expand their diverse warbird collection.

March 27 2016 –  Christopher Godfrey owner of the T-28D Trojan warbird currently located in Perth at the moment, announced today the first post restoration flight of his Vietnam War era warbird. “To all those concerned, it’s been (I think) over 18 months to get this happening, we flew it Friday and the flight went very well, just a few minor fixes, it’s a great day! Thank you to all involved, and there’s quite a list! Will update soon, thanks again!”. It is planned to ferry it to Victoria soon. (Photo supplied by Chris).


March 21 2016 – Reminder the Wings over the Illawarra airshow at Albion Park NSW is scheduled for end of April 2016. See this promotion hereWings Over Illawarra 2016

March 18 2016 – Caboolture, QLD – A Beech 18 suffered a wheels up incident after a failed take off at Caboolture airfield earlier today. Chris Jamesson who was at the airport took these photos below during the day. The Beech was lifted back onto its wheels a few hours later. Damage to the airframe and engines is likely to have occurred and will need to be inspected and repaired as necessary before the twin engined antique can refly again.