Phil Wilkes – A former RAAF pilot who has progressed to commercial airline pilot and now a training role. Phil is also a recent co-author of a book on helping pilots to learn how they can become a better pilot by maximising their personal performance in flight. See more at Phil Wilkes interview

Tom Harwood – Tom agreed to do an interview with DUAN to explain how he ended up becoming the current 2017 Curator at the Qantas Founder Museum in Longreach, QLD. See his insights at Tom Harwood Interview

Garry Cooper – Interview with Garry Cooper conducted in 2009 and 2017 covering his civil and military flying experiences and how he came to be nominated for a US Medal Of Honour from his Vietnam War tour of duty as a FAC. See more at Interview with Garry Cooper

Ian Eccles – In 2016 I interviewed Ian Eccles who owns a  Yak-52 warbird and flies from Canberra. See more at interview with Ian Eccles

Peter Lynch – Interview with Peter Lynch in 2013 examining his early years of flight training through to owning a Grumman Mallard seaplane, alongside his thoughts on aviation in Australia. See more at Peter Lynch interview

Leigh Peddell –  Interview with Leigh Peddell in 2016 covering his RAAF career, civil airline career and warbird volunteering experiences. See more at Interview with Leigh Peddell

Paul Bennet –  I interviewed Paul in 2014 regarding his passion for flying, experiences and insights to how he has become one of Australia’s best airshow performers. See more at Paul Bennet interview

Glenn Graham – In 2014 I interviewed Mr Glenn Graham. Glenn shares some of his personal experiences, click link to see more – Interview with Glenn-Graham

Grant McHerron – In 2013 I interviewed Grant McHerron a balloon pilot, click link to see more – Float away with Grant McHerron

Dan O’Donnell – In 2013 I interviewed Dan O’Donnell on his flying experiences. See more at  link – Dan O’Donnell interview

Laddie Hindley – In 2013 I interviewed a former pilot who had a long career and very active in flying from WW2 to the 1980s, Mr Laddie Hindley. Click on link to see more Laddie Hindley book review

Jodie Davis – 2012 I interviewed Jodie Davis on here flying goals and business plans at the time –  Jodie Davis interview

Gordon Robinson – 2012 I interviewed CJ-6 Nanchang warbird owner Gordon Robinson at Narromine Ausfly. See more on link – Interview with Gordon Robinson