See the latest warbird news reports, restorations and projects. DUAN works in conjunction with Warbirdnews (http://www.warbirdsnews.com) at times to bring you the exciting warbird information.


A bi-monthly warbird news feature which will provide you with all the latest information covering Australian restorations, newly flying projects and museum static projects – Bi-monthly Australian warbird news



July  – Aaron Turvey reports on a WW2 CAC Boomerang restoration in QLD. See story at Boomerang restoration

June – CAC Winjeel return to flight in Caboolture Qld, report at Winjeel 404 return to flight

June  – Progress report on the Temora Aviation Museum jet warbirds restoration news – Temora jet warbirds news

March – Scone Spitfire restoration news update – Scone Spitfire restorations progress report

In January 2018 DUAN went flying in a CAC Winjeel trainer at Ballina NSW, see our review at Winjeel adventure flight experience


NEW In November 2017 Reevers Warbirds recovered a historic B-25D Mitchell from the Northern Terrority, Australia. N5-161 crashed on an airstrip and was left for nearly 75years until Reevers was able to successfully recover this wreck. See more at Reevers 2nd B-25 Mitchell acquired

NEW In November 2017 Reevers Warbirds, Adelaide held a special event to recognise the efforts of the last living WW2 era Dutch pilot who flew as a pilot in 18 SQN NEIAF B-25 Mitchells. Reevers held a photoshoot to recreate a WW2 photo and show the Dutch pilot wearing the same type of flight cap but in 2017. See more at Reevers B-25 Dutch veteran photoshoot November 2017

NEW In November 2017 HARS was given the former RAAF AP-3C Orion officially in a handover at the museum at Albion Park Airport. See the report at HARS AP-3C Orion handover

NEW A report on the preserved RAAF Canberra bomber A84-223 found within RAAF base Williamtown, NSW. See more at RAAF Williamtown preserved GAF Canberra bomber insights

A progress report on the Reevers B-26 project first phase move from Queensland to South Australia. See story at Reevers B-26 Invader begins move south

Update on progress at the Twin Pioneer project at Wedderburn. See story at Twin Pioneer nearly ready to fly

WarbirdsNews has just published a detailed insight to the Victorian Airspeed Oxford restoration underway at the B-24 Liberator hangar in Werribee. See more at Airspeed Oxford restoration

Rick Anderson in South Australia is restoring a WW2 era CAC Boomerang fighter. See story here.

Warbirds News has released a June 2017 update on the Rathmines Catalina project where they are progressing with the rebuild of a PBY into RAAF WW2 colours. See more at Catalina restoration

Warbirds News has an update in June 2017 on the Wirraway rebuild underway for the HARS museum – HARS Museum Wirraway update

February 2017 update on the Werribee B-24 Liberator project – Werribee B-24 Liberator February 2017 update

An update on the Reevers B-25 Mitchell restoration progress in early 2017. See more at Reevers B-25 Mitchell update January 2017

Recreating the human element of aviation history by using reenactors alongside operational warbird aircraft, museum aircraft and at airshows events is a relatively new concept in Australia but over the last few years a handful of passionate collectors of flightgear are making a difference helping to educate the general public in a variety of ways. See their efforts and dreams in our story – Reenacting aviation history downunder


DUAN in conjunction with Warbirdnews.com brings you the latest news on the Sydney based SAL Twin Pioneer warbird restoration work. See more at Twin Pioneer restoration update

DUAN in conjunction with global warbird news site Warbirdnews.com, can now share with you the latest update on the Albury Fw-190 canopy repair. See more at Albury Fw-190 repair update

DUAN working with Warbirdnews has now published a detailed 2016 update covering the Rathmines Catalina for warbird enthusiasts to follow. The last update was January 2013 when it was just beginning and this update flows on from that –Rathmines Catalina report 2016 update

David Rasmus in Adelaide is restoring a C-47 Dakota cockpit bit by bit and here is his story so far as of early 2016 – C-47 Dakota cockpit restoration

CJFM F4U-1 Corsair restoration update for early 2016 –  See more at – CJFM F4U-1 Corsair restoration update

The B-24 Liberator project at Werribee, Victoria is making progress. See the latest news – B-24 Liberator – April 2016 update

Reevers has a large scale collection of various warbird projects in South Australia underway. DUAN visited in February 2016 for an extensive look at the projects  and combined with recent updates, we have now compiled a detailed update as of April 2016 for readers. See more at link  – Reevers April 2016 update

Western Australia warbird jet owner Adrian Deeth gives us an exclusive invite to his MiG-21U project and we detail his latest progress. See the report  – WA’s MiG-21U restoration update

Graham Slingsby assists on a report regarding the former Royal Australian Navy S-2E/G Trackers at West Sale Airport for DUAN. See for more – Former RAN S-2 Trackers waiting their fate


In 2015 I interviewed owner Christopher Godfrey, about his Vietnam war camouflage schemed T-28D. See link for more – Vietnam War T-28 being restored to flight again


November 2014 I attended the Lawrence Hargraves Memorial Day on the South Coast of NSW at Stanwell Park on November 12 2014 where HARS flew several of their warbird aircraft. The day is to remember the pioneering work done by Australian aviationist Lawrence Hargraves in the 1890s when he managed to fly using 4 box kite / gliders. See more of the days action at  – Lawrence Hargraves 2014 flypast

In February 2014, Reevers in Adelaide purchased Randal McFarlane’s B-26 Invader project. See more at link Reveers B-26 Invader project update


Amazing and thrill seeking Warbird adventure rides for the general public can be experienced by flying with AeroHunter in the Hunter Valley of NSW. See more at Aerohunter warbird insights

Rathmines Catalina project update in June 2013 –  click link to see more Rathmines Catalina June 2013 update